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Full membership of the Standing Council of the Baronetage is limited to:

  • Baronets who have proved their succession and whose names are on the Official Roll
  • Heirs Apparent
  • Second-generation Heirs Apparent

Associate Membership

  • Heirs Presumptive
  • Children of Baronets 
  • The spouse or civil partner and surviving spouse or civil partner of a Full Member
  • Junior Members  

Every application for admission to the Council shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. 


To apply to join the Standing Council of the Baronetage, please complete the form below.

Subscription Rates (wef 1 January 2024)

The subscription payable, preferably via GoCardless, is £50.00 per annum for full members domiciled in the UK; for those domiciled elsewhere the subscription is £35.00 per annum.

Baronet and Heir membership (apparent or presumptive) is £70 per annum.

Family membership (Baronet, spouse and all children) is £100 per annum.

Associate members will pay £25 per annum. 

Junior Membership (under 18) is £20 per annum.

If a member wishes to receive routine correspondence by post, rather than by e-mail, an additional £20.00 per annum is payable.

Join the SCB

To apply to join the SCB, please complete your details below.

Standing Council of the Baronetage

Supporting the interests and dignities of Baronets since 1898