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Official Roll

Official Roll

An abridged version of the Official Roll of the Baronetage



Sucessions, History, Baronets Badge, Addressing a Baronet.

Standing Council of Baronets

Standing Council

Executive Committee, SCB Rules, Baronets Trust, Joining the SCB.

SCB Members

Members Area

Access content for members of the SCB

SCB Committee


The Honourable Society of the Baronetage was established in January 1898. It was reconstituted in July 1903 as the Standing Council of the Baronetage.

Chairman: Sir Richard Rowley Bt

Hon Treasurer: Sir Julian Berney Bt

Secretary: Wing Commander (Rtd) Martin Heath

Baronets Trust

Baronets Trust

In 1985 a group of Baronets launched a charity exclusive to members of the Baronetage.

The intention was to provide an opportunity to Baronets to make a meaningful contribution to society.

The opportunity to give collegially has struck a chord with an increasing number of Baronets and continues to do so today.

Standing Council of the Baronetage

Supporting the interests and dignities of Baronets since 1898