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The Honourable Society of the Baronetage was established in January 1898 and was reconstituted in July 1903 as the Standing Council of the Baronetage as a permanent organisation to deal with all affairs of the Degree and to afford to the members thereof the means of intercommunication. Its principal objects are:

  • Take such action in the interests of The Baronetage, or any individual baronet, or members of their families as may be appropriate.
  • Publish the Official Roll of The Baronetage at regular intervals.
  • Advise Heirs seeking to prove their succession to enable them to be added to the Roll and addressed and received as Baronets.
  • Provide opportunities for members to meet each other socially.
  • Support for the Baronets Trust (Charity Commission Charity Number: 291880).   
  • Support such other charities as may be approved from time to time.   
  • To provide a forum for all baronets and associate members, including, those residents overseas, and their families, to be able to communicate together and set up interest and discussion groups to exchange views on issues of mutual interest.
  • To encourage and support research into the history, rights, privileges, and interests of the baronetage and to educate and to provide information to baronets and members of the public about the history, rights, privileges and interests of the baronetage and other matters pertaining to baronets and the baronetage.
  • To work and liaise with other organisations such as the Hereditary Peerage Association, the Irish Peers Association, and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs on issues of mutual interest.
  • To undertake any other activity deemed appropriate by the SCB to further the foregoing purposes.

The membership of the Standing Council is open to Baronets, their heirs, wives and their children.  

Standing Council of the Baronetage

Supporting the interests and dignities of Baronets since 1898