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A baronetcy becomes Extinct when heirs cannot be traced and are believed not to exist. In this case it would no longer be listed, but would be re-activated should an heir subsequently emerge.

The Royal Warrant of Edward VII of 8th February 1910 states “no person whose name is not entered on the Official Roll shall be received as a Baronet, or shall be addressed or mentioned by that title in any civil or military Commission, Letters Patent or other official document”.  Persons wishing to prove succession should read the information given in the Succession Section.

Holders of Baronetcies listed in this linked document have died, but in each case, up to 31st December 2023, no person has proved succession and thus the Baronetcies are either “Dormant” (Baronet died in 2018 or earlier) or “Vacant” (Baronet died in 2019 or later).

Standing Council of the Baronetage

Supporting the interests and dignities of Baronets since 1898